Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thief Taker, by D.B. Jackson

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I'm veering from my normal reviews to shout-out an author and a novel that has been banging around in my head for the last year. Failing my search for Brent Weeks at the WFC 2011 signing event, I stumbled across David B. Coe (aka: D.B. Jackson) sitting at the table where Brent was supposed to be. It was David's sincere 'hello' that first caught my attention, followed immediately by the stunning cover of his novel "Thief Taker." Growing up in Kentucky, my brother and I played with tri-corner hats and Kentucky long-rifle replicas as kids--so I am the target audience for that cover. Two minutes of conversation had me hooked--both on the author and the novel.

"Thief Taker" is an historical urban-fantastic political thriller; aka "Tri-Corner Punk." You can listen to the first few minutes of Shaun Farrell's interview below to hear the description in David's own words. The man's a trained historian and it shows when he talks about the research he put into this series. David himself is one of those rare people who offers genuine smiles and heartfelt interest in the people around him, even if he's never met them before. Combine fascinating novel premise with an intelligent, funny writer and I'm hooked.

I honestly can't wait to read this book, but have been told by my wife that I can't start anything new until I finish the five I'm in the middle of already.

I'm reading as fast as I can, David. I swear.


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D.B. Jackson discussing Thief Taker with Adventures in SciFi Publishing

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